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Welcome to the VATEL web site at the address:  (hereinafter the “Site).

When using this site you recognize having been informed of the present disclaimer.


In accordance with Law N° 2004-575 dated June 21, 2004 concerning trust in the digital economy, we would like to inform Site users of the identity of the different stakeholders in the framework of its conception and operations:

1.1 Editor

1.2 Director of publication:

Mr.  Khaled as the Director General.

1.3 Web Site Hosting

2 rue Kellermann
59100 Roubaix - France
Telephone 1007 or +33 9 74 53 13 23. 

1.4 Web Site designer

696, Chemin de la combe des oiseaux
300900 Nimes - France


VATEL reserves the right, whatever the reason at its sole discretion, to put an end to, to change, to suspend or to interrupt access to all or a part of the web Site, as well as for its content, its characteristics or to modify the hours when the Site is available, without prior notice.

Users of the Site declare that they know and understand internet and its limitations, in particular, its functional characteristics and technical performances: risks of interruption, the time required to consult, question or transfer information, the risks, whatever they may be, that are inherent to any connection to a network.

VATEL cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage, of any kind, stemming for the access or from navigation of the Site, including any deterioration and/or virus that could impact computer equipment.

VATEL shall strive, whenever possible, to maintain accessibility to the site 24/7, but shall not be bound by any obligation to do so.

Access to the Site could be interrupted, in particular for maintenance and updating or for any other technical reason, without incurring any liability.


The entire Site is governed by French and international legislation for intellectual property rights.

Photos, texts, slogans, drawings, images, videos with or without sound as well as all work integrated into this Site are owned by the VATEL Group or third parties who have allowed VATEL to use them. The logos, icons and graphics chips represented on the Site are protected in respect of copyright and the following articles in the Intellectual Property Rights Code.

Data bases in the Site are protected by Articles L.341-1 and following in the Intellectual Property Rights Code and any substantial extraction or qualitative or quantative reuse of the content of the data bases shall be sanctioned. 

All reproduction rights are reserved and strictly limited, including those for downloadable documents and iconographic and photographic representations.
Brands mentioned on this Site have been filed by companies owning them.

Any unauthorized use of all or a part of these rights by third parties could lead to prosecution. 


Information appearing on the Site is supplied as general information. Information and illustrations are not contractual and do not engage VATEL’s responsibility towards the user for consequences of the use he or she could have for himself or herself or for any third parties. They cannot be used to contradict any contractual stipulation that exists or that is to come between VATEL and the user.

VATEL declines all responsibility in the case of a late update, error or omission in the content of the present pages, as is the case in case of interruption or permanent or temporary unavailability of the service. This is true even though VATEL does all possible to supply exact and truthful information in the content of its Site.

VATEL in no case whatsoever can be held responsible for any prejudice caused using this Site.

VATEL reserves the right to correct, at any time and without any prior notice, the content of this Site.

Reproductions, on a hard copy or a virtual copy, of the Site and its content that is reproduced are allowed subject to a strictly personnel and private use. This excludes any use for advertising and/or commercial use, and/or information whether or not it complies with the provisions set forth in Article L.122-5 of the French Intellectual Property Rights Code.

Any reproduction, representation, use or modification, by any procedure whatsoever and on any support whatsoever, of all or a part of the Site, or all or a part of the different works composing it, without having obtained prior authorization for the Publication Director is strictly prohibited, constitutes an infringement of copyright and could lead to civil and/or penal prosecution, as well as the payment of financial compensation.


Documents presented on the Site are given “as is” and without any express or tacit guarantee. Information contained in this Site is non-contractual and subject to modification without prior notice.

VATEL takes all precautions so that its Site information is not contrary to public policy or to accepted principles of morality. Nonetheless, should the ideas or images shock some particularly sensitive persons, VATEL shall not be deemed responsible.

VATEL cannot be held either directly or indirectly responsible, on any account or for any reason whatsoever:

-  should the Site’s services be interrupted by maintenance operations or by the behavior of any Site users.

-  in case of inaccessibility and/or inability to use the Site by any Site user.

-  in case of damage to equipment of any type whatsoever, loss of data, during a connection to the Site.

VATEL cannot be held responsible in case of contamination of computer equipment by internet users resulting from the propagation of a virus or any other computer infections.

It is recalled that fraudulent use of a computer system, hampering or distorting its function, or any fraudulent introduction or modification of data on the Site constitutes an offense that has penal sanctions.


VATEL authorizes the use of a hypertext link towards its content, subject to:

-  prior written permission from VATEL;

- not using deep linking, which means that pages in the Site cannot be interwoven inside pages of another site, but must remain accessible when opening the dedicated window;

- mentioning the source using a hypertext directly on the targeted content.

Any commercial or advertising uses are excluded except for special stipulations.

This authorization does not apply to internet sites with controversial, pornographic, or xenophobic information or information which, generally speaking, could shock the sensibility of a large number of persons.

VATEL declines all responsibility as for the content of sites given as links, whatever type of link established using the Site.


VATEL promises to respect the private life of its users and the confidentiality of their personal data when navigating in the Site in compliance with the Data Protection Policy.

8.       LANGUAGES

The original version of this policy was written in French.

The French version shall thus be deemed to be the official version. Should there be any litigation concerning the present policy, the French version shall prevail over the English version and any other versions.


VATEL reserves the right to modify or update the present disclaimer at any time and without any prior notice; consequently, we recommend that you consult it frequently.

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