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Our teachers are free to teach in their own way!  - Vatel

Our teachers are free to teach in their own way!

With an exclusive interview with Edarabia, Mr. Julien LISCOUET, General Director of Vatel school in Bahrain, walks us trough his vision ans his take on future employment for graduates.


How does Vatel School attract and retain the best teachers?

 Our curriculum offers 2 categories of courses: business courses (for example, management, marketing or law and economics) and professional courses (hotel environment or hygiene and safety, etc.). Therefore, we have lecturers teaching the regular theoretical courses but also professionals coming from the Hospitality and Tourism Industry and with a teaching philosophy directly based on their own experiences and anecdotes.

Being located in Bahrain is also a major plus for Vatel. We have the possibility to directly get in touch with the best industry professionals of the island. For instance, our students are lucky enough to be trained by the Executive Pastry Chef of the Four Seasons! In terms of attraction itself, we benefit from:

1.    The brand: Vatel Hotel & Tourism Business School is a Higher Education training with 50 Schools in 31 countries around the world. It is the reference for students who want to study business management in Hospitality & Tourism, but also a reference for recruiters who value the high calibre of Vatel graduates.

2.    Vatel teaching method: it is unique in the region for a double accredited Bachelor programme. Each year, students are one week at School and one week in Operations during the 1st semester; their 2nd semester is a 5 to 6-month internship. This means that our theoretical courses are reinforced by the different situations and challenges faced by our students during their weeks of practice. As a result, our lecturers are also challenged by this unique way of teaching. It is a constant learning curve for them which explains why they want to teach at Vatel.

3.    Being part of a “family”: we are a dynamic and open-minded environment, as long as the curriculum content is delivered, our teachers have the freedom to teach in their own way.


Having spent years in the education industry, what have you learnt and what are you plans for the years ahead at Vatel School?

When you are working in a sector like Higher Education, you bring your own experience into it and therefore, you are constantly learning from it.

This is why Vatel intends to develop some additional form of education in the region. In the next few years, we plan to offer executive education to professionals who are willing to obtain a degree while working in the meantime; we would also like to provide a Validation of Professional Experience education and again this would target professionals in the Hospitality and Tourism sector.

Assessments are considered to have a positive impact on student achievement. How do you plan to implement an "authentic" assessment strategy at Vatel School in Bahrain?

Our objective is the success of our students. All of them. We want them to reach their goals and achieve their dreams. Everything is about their progression into a future well-trained professional. Our philosophy is to treat them not as a group but individually, therefore we follow them closely. And we expect each and every one of them to surpass themselves! We know the potential of our students, usually before they are aware of it themselves. Our goal is for them to reach their full potential. Ultimately, the assessment of our students is based on the same philosophy. As a Vatel student, you can start off as quite insecure and that is fine as long as you give your best and strive to improve. On the other hand, you can start off as a strong student but take it as granted and you underperform. Our continuous assessment will take this into account.

Obviously, there is also:

Regular assessments such as exams based on knowledge acquisition. 

Assessments focused on learning technics and tools.

Operation assessment during the weeks of practice and during the internships; this aims to focus on the student soft skills development and operation mind-set. For us, it is just as important as the theoretical assessment; as a matter of fact, it can help some students who have better abilities in practice than in theory.

What are your thoughts on automation and the future employment for graduates?

The Hospitality and Tourism industry is strongly related with the Service industry. By definition, automation is quite the opposite of the service sector where human contact is an essential component. It is important to take a step back and consider every element. Automation helps businesses remain competitive by contributing to greater output at lower cost. To be fair, automation allows workers additional time to assist customers or clients with more complex issues. Online bookings for instance (made directly through hotel websites or through platforms such as have been incredibly valuable. However, machines are unable to problem solve. The Hospitality and Tourism industry requires human attributes and experience to provide a high quality of service. People have the ability to observe others and offer appropriate solutions as needed, something machines simply cannot do.

Our future graduates should not worry about employment. The Hospitality industry is booming. These numbers from the United Nation World Tourism Organisation say it all:

Hospitality & Tourism is 10 % of the world G.D.P

1 job over 10 is in this industry

Can you tell us more about your participation in GETEX Dubai this year?

GETEX is one of the important Education fairs in the Gulf region. Our participation is related to our objectives, i.e. recruiting students, meeting some of the Vatel Alumni living in Dubai, raising awareness of the many career opportunities available in our sector. We will in fact held a conference during GETEX about the variety of professional paths accessible in the Hospitality and Tourism industry.

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