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Admission Information

Admissions normally open during the first week of February and close during the month of September of every year. Exact dates are announced on our social media channels and in the local news. 

To apply, submit a completed application form along with the below required documents.  Additionally, a personal interview will be arranged for the candidate.


    • Copy of Valid Passport
    • Copy of Valid ID / CPR
    • Personal Photo
    • Statement of Graduation (Secondary School General Certificate)
    • Official High School Transcript (Grades 10, 11, 12)
    • Original Equivalency Letter from the Ministry of Education, Bahrain (Private Schools Students only)
    • Medical Fitness Report
    • A-Levels, IB or equivalent (if applicable)

Admission procedure

1. Contact

Contact the admissions team.

2. Application

Submit your completed application form along with the requested documents.

3. Evaluation

Your application will be reviewed and evaluated. 


4. Personal Interview

A personal interview will be arranged to ensure the applicants suitability and linguistic ability. 

5. Results

Our team will share the results within a few days

6. Seat Confirmation

Confirm your admission by paying the fees.


One-time Fee at Admissions

Application Fee (Non-refundable, payable on submission of application)

BD 20

Registration Fee
BD 250

Annual Fees (due at the beginning of each academic year)

Tuition Fee                                                                                                                                  

BD 2,500

Student Activity Fee
BD 50

Technology Fee

BD 20

Additional Mandatory Costs

Vatel Uniform (2 pcs)*                                                                                                                                              

BD 75 (Est.)

Ties/Scarves (per pair)
BD 10
Offical Transcripts Fee (per transcript)
BD 10
Wall Certificate
BD 5
Graduation Fee
BD 100

*Through external vendor, arranged via Vatel.

Optional Fees (Upon Request)

Attested Wall Certificate, Transcripts and Attestation HEC Statement

BD 40

Attested Wall Certificate Replacement
BD 50

Attested Translated HEC Statement

BD 40

Attested HEC Statement Replacement
BD 40
Attested HEC Statement Amendment
BD 40
Attested Student Record Statement
BD 40
Attested Withdrawal and Grades Statement
BD 40
Attested Visiting Student Statement
BD 40
Attested HEC Dismissal/Expulsion Statement
BD 40
Attested Grade Records from Universities With Revoked License and Suspended Programmes*
BD 60
Exam Re-sit Fee
BD 20
Locker Fee (Per semester)
BD 5
Exam Grade Appeal (Per result)
BD 10
Certificate of Good Conduct
BD 5
Additional Guests for Graduation Ceremony (each)
BD 10

*For old/withdrawn programme(s).



Q1. What is the language of delivery?

Classes are taught in English except for foreign languages.

Q2. Do you have payment plans?

We help you secure an instalment plan should you wish to pay in instalments.

Q3. Do you offer student accommodation services?

No we do not, but we can assist you in finding a suitable accommodation.


Q4. Can you help me with my student visa? 

Yes, Vatel can arrange this on your behalf but a fee will be charged.


Q5. I am passionate about cooking and aspire to be a chef.  Will Vatel provide me with good training for this?

Vatel is not a culinary arts school, but you will spend time in the Kitchen department in hotels as part of your practical application weeks and during your internships.

Q6. Vatel is a French college.  Can I start my degree in Bahrain and complete it in France if I want to?

No. However, we do offer plenty of options, including France, to conduct a one-year student exchange programme abroad at another Vatel campus via our Marco Polo programme.


Q7. I have already completed a foundation year at a different institution. Will I be exempted from the Foundation Year at Vatel?

The admissions team will review your application on a case-by-case basis.


Q8. My beard is a large part of my culture and personality.  Will I be allowed to keep it and study at Vatel?

To meet the industry's grooming standards, strict grooming rules apply. However, a neatly trimmed mustache is allowed.


Q9. Vatel's degree has a large practical component. What should I expect?

Vatel's degree has two practical components: Weekly practice, and internships.

A rotation will be arranged in various departments in different properties every other week. Additionally, students will intern for 18-22 weeks in various properties, in and out of Bahrain, every second semester.

Q10. Which hotels in Bahrain are Vatel partners?

Vatel Bahrain has a growing network of partners in and out of Bahrain which includes 4- and 5-star hotels and luxury tourism businesses.

Q11. When I graduate, what job opportunities will be available? 

There are plenty of opportunities in the hospitality sector in Bahrain and the region in various departments. Have a look at our successful Vateliens, our graduates, for a better idea.


Q12. I am employed, can I continue to work as well as study at Vatel?

No, students at Vatel must be available full time due to the demanding schedule.

Q13. Will I get paid for the internships?


Q14. From where will I receive my certificate when I graduate?

Upon graduation, you will receive your wall certificate from Vatel France.

Q14. Are costs related to the international internships included in the tuition fees?

No, the travel costs will be borne by the student. This includes flights tickets, travel insurance and visa costs.

Vatel will always do its best to ensure the student has free accommodation among other benefits.

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